Specialised Pharmacy Service

As a registered pharmacy, the primary focus of Optimus Healthcare is to enhance and develop new formulations and administration options for our colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry. Optimus has established many strong relationships with community pharmacies and practitioners, while working to solve medicine issues faced by patients. Compounding and modifying formulations for patients with special needs, such as children, has been a strength of Optimus Healthcare, and we provide services to pharmacies and practitioners throughout the country. With access to fully researched and validated formulas, and premium quality pharmaceutical raw materials, Optimus can certainly ‘help the medicine go down’

Optimus focuses on individual patient care. We understand that the needs of each patient are different, therefore, we can compound the hormonal replacement therapy requirements as specified by your practitioner, into different formulations to suit each patient. Our focus is to ensure that patients receive the best possible treatment, and avoid issues of dose strength, medicine availabilty, and difficulties of administration.

 Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are a hot topic – men’s health, women’s health, and anti-aging clinics are being established throughout the country to address a variety of ‘age and stage’ issues including perimenopause, menopause and male andropause.

In addition to hormone replacement therapy, Optimus is also providing services to many specialist clinics in the area’s of men’s health(e.g. erectile dysfunction) and women’s health, dermatology(e.g. Biocosmoceuticals), and anti-aging products. We look forward to working with your practice to provide an individualised approach to your patients care. Please contact us via the Links Page to see how Optimus can further enhance your practice.

Please contact us today to see how our service can enhance the level of care your patients already receive.